The 105th Exhibition 2016

Jury Results

Opening Reception & Awards: 
Thursday, June 30, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.

Thank you to all who entered the 105th Annual Exhibition!
Our jurors aimed to curate an exceptionally well-crafted exhibition and carefully selected works that collaborate lyrically well together.

Congratulations to the following artists who were chosen, a talented group of artists representing Connecticut and sorrounding states.

CAFA Selected Works for the 105th Annual Exhibition

*Denotes award winners

Ralph Acosta

Coffee Break


Judith Anderson

Bottled Up


Taylor Anepete

Floating Duck


Del-Bourree Bach

Executive Chef


David Baillie



Harriet Moore Ballard

Tablescape with Cat


Jillian Barber

Of Myth and Messenger


Karin O. Bastidas



Lawrence Boblas

Glad I'm Not Out in the Rain


Shelby Bonomo



William Brennan

Still Life #2


James Brunelle

Test Horizon


Richard Brzozowski

Yellow Sky


Susan Burgess

Dad's Friend George


Deborah Burklund

End Of The Day*


Jill Abele Butcher



William C. Butcher

Studio Still


Patricia Cahalan

Birth of a Deck


Helen Cantrell



Kelly Carrington

Grid Scape


Susan Chamberland

Big Blue


Kathy Conway

Pastry Stop, Karlory Vary


Joseph Costardo



Robb Cyr

End of the Earth


Darcy Dangremond



Rita Dawley

Mr. & Mrs. At Night


Anthony DeAngelis



Bob Desaulnier

Low Tide


Brian DeVantier



Sadie Davidson DeVore

Thistle and Bee Balms


Thomas Drew

The Shit We Don't Talk About


Carol Dunn



Eileen Eder



Kimberly Edwards



Bette Ellsworth

Miss A. #1


Jim Elting



Susan Emerson-Hill

Teacup Tulip


Jacquelyn Etling

Sunset in CT


Jessica Fallis

Written in Sand*


George Fellner

Legends of the Nordic Kind


Mary Felton

Breezing Big Red*


Lucien Flotte

What Happens in the Catskills Happens


Lynn Frink



Holly Gauthier

Key West


Charles Gemmell

View From the Bridge


William G. Gilroy

Champlin Cove Looking North From Cove Road


Douglas Haddock

Kenyan Sunset*


S.M. Hall



Bivenne Harvey Staiger

Oh, The Tangled Moods She Leaves*


Robert Haskell



Luciana Heineman

Virginia Cave


Leonard Hellerman

Snowfall on Sheds


Paul Hitchen

The White Boat


Katherine E. W. Hooker

Snowy Afternoon


Cindy Horovitz Wilson

Open Door


Eric Hovermale



Sunil R. Howlader

Meditation 2


Alison C. Ives

Ocean Spray


Bonnie Jaffe



Marc Jaffe

Chair and Shadow


Joan Jardine



Paul Eric Johnson

Mystic River


Peter E. Jones



Sean Kane

Prisoner of My Feelings


Michael Kennedy



Diane Kleinknecht

The Wings*


Paul Kline

The Winner


Ann Knickerbocker

A Study in Blue and Pink


Daniel T. Lake

Bug Inspectors


Joan E. Lane



Estelle Laschever

Remembered Melodies*


Melody Knight Leary

From here to God


Gigi Horr Liverant



Catherine Rudix Mansell

Water Shadow


Marco Marinelli

Sister Moon


Craig Masten

Mountain Fog


Joe Matovic

Interruption (Out of Line)


Gustaf Miller

Etec Building*


Janvier Miller



Maureen Miller



Julian Scott Morris



Paul M. Murray

The Daily Grind


Trish O'Day

Dewdrop on a Callalily


Nancy J. Oates



Constance Panetski



Joanne Paone-Gill

Stormy Seas


Bob Perkowski

Woodland Shadows


Judy Perry

All Shook Up


Rachel Petruccillo

Sunday in Luxemburg Garden, Paris*


Judith Podell

Sail Away


Granthan Powell

Oregon Coast


Catherine Puccio



Deborah Quinn-Munson



Shilo Ratner

Mindfulness of Tea*


Charles W. Reyburn



Elizabeth Rhoades

Swell of Spring Rains


Scott E. Rhoades

Christina's House


Jane Meredith Roehe

Platter Rock & Roll


Ally Rusgrove

Noodle Soup


Carmen Schaefer

Self Portrait-reflection


Erica Schillawski

Mother and Calf


Beryl Salinger Schmitt

Mother and Child


Lois Segman

Rouge à Lèvres (Lipstick)


Susan Shaw



Andy Shumway

Spring in the Sierras


Gabrielle Simmons



Michele Sinkez

Recycle Composition


Lucia Sokol

Long Island City, NY


Christopher Spinelli

Clowns and Guns


Diane Spira



Suzanne Starr

Shirley's Kitchen


Markham Starr

Form #7*


Thomas Stavovy



Erik Sundgaard

Still Life at Hadley, MA


Peggy Traskos

Winter Blush


Raymond Uzanas

Serial Artistry


Juliana Van Norden

The Green Line


Karin Forde Whittemore

The Study*


Andrew Yelenak




105th Exhibition Award Recipients


Eileen Eder

(Best in Show)


Shilo Ratner

(2nd Place)


Douglas Haddock

(3rd Place)


Diane Spira

(4th Place)


Bivenne Harvey Staiger

(CAFA Painting Award)


Gustaf Miller

(CAFA Sculpture Award)


Estelle Laschever

(CAFA Graphics Award)


Mary Felton

(CAFA Drawing Award)


Karin Forde Whittemore

(CAFA Photography Award)


Kimberly Edwards

(CAFA Pastel Award)


Diane Kleinknecht

(CAFA Graphics Award)


Jessica Fallis

(CAFA President's Award)


Rachel Petruccillo

(Allied Artists of America: Painting Award)


Deborah Quinn-Munson

(Art Spirit Award)


Markham Starr

(Wholesale Framing Award)


Deborah Burklund

(Jerry's Artarama Award)



Contact for help and questions:


Important Dates:

Exhibition: June 17 - July 30, 2016


Pick up For Work Not Accepted: June 17th and 18th, 11AM - 5PM at the Mystic Museum of Art

Pick up For Work Accepted: July 31st and August 1st, 11AM - 5PM at the Mystic Museum of Art


Location: Mystic Museum of Art
9 Water Street, Mystic, CT 06355
Open Daily and Weekends 11AM - 5PM

Jurors of Selection and Awards

  • Darby Cardonsky:
    Darby Cardonsky is Assistant Professor in the Art Department at Western Connecticut State University and Coordinator of the MFA in Visual Arts program. She currently teaches graduate courses in art colloquium, art history, practicum internship, and thesis exhibition. Prior to her work at WCSU, Ms. Cardonsky was co-owner and director of the Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery in Kent, CT.
  • Will Lustenader:
    Will Lustenader is an accomplished artist and currently teaches at Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT. After majoring in art history and receiving his Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College in 1979, he went on to earn his Master of Arts degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London in 1981. He then became a full-time artist in 1982.