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Cynthia Tabeau Pritchard

(603) 867-2700

Born in Southern California, I cultivated an interest in art and music at an early age, playing the piano and sketching throughout my life. More recently, I developed an appreciation for abstract art and began experimenting with various abstract styles. I particularly enjoy working in acrylic paints and inks in my New Hampshire studio.

Art is a very powerful medium, so powerful, in fact, that it can release endorphins and actually change brain waves. This impressive effect on viewers is a consideration often in my thoughts as I paint. My intent is to draw the viewer in, through the use of light, color, and movement to evoke a positive response with my work. Kandinsky once said that “color is a power which directly influences the soul” and I firmly believe it is as influential as any other aspect of a painting. I use compelling color palettes and add light and movement to create interest and inspiration. I paint with a feeling of gratitude and seek to convey that emotion through my work. When I begin a piece, I usually have a broad concept in mind but allow myself to be open to adjusting it as I paint, letting the brush and canvas lead me on the journey. My art is inspired by my travels, my dreams, poetry, social issues, and other artists. I enjoy the versatility of working with acrylics because, depending on the thickness, they can resemble either watercolors or oils. My technique includes brushwork, palette knife, pouring and gestural painting.

I have been selected to participate in juried events, including the award-winning Dover Art Center 2021 “Un-American” Exhibition, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod Juried “Off the Wall” Exhibition, the 2021 NAA Members Winter Holiday Show, the CWA 2021 Annual National Open Juried Exhibition, the Library Arts Center Gallery 2021 Juried Regional Exhibit, the RAA&M National 2020 Exhibition, the Rhode Island Watercolor Society “Home for the Holidays” Exhibition, the Greenwich Art Society 103rd Annual Bendheim Exhibit, the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts CAFA 2020 Annual Exhibition, the Art Impact International “Pandemic, The Light Therein” July 2020 Exhibition, the Conception Art Show in Boston, the Colors of Humanity 2020 “Open” Exhibition and the TEAM Exeter “Deck the Walls” Exhibition in Exeter, NH. My work has earned recognition in various online venues, garnering several Honorable Mention, Special Merit, and Special Recognition awards. I have taken art and sculpting courses at the New Hampshire Institute of Art (New England College Institute of Art and Design), and I am also a member of several New England art associations.

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