October 16 - November 27, 2021


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Throughout CAFA's 111 year history, our prestigious Annual Show has been a singular and steadfast offering. Since the recent inception of our CAFA+ offerings, we now have the opportunity to create virtual shows that are themed, focused on certain art mediums or reserved for CAFA members only.

The concept for our debut theme show, Transformation, was derived from CAFA council member, Bill Butcher’s, musings on how change can be seen as a powerful shifting, cyclical force within the natural realm and for some, through a soulful revision that might bear weight on one’s personal life often bringing new and positive outcomes. As Bill wrote in his thought provoking description, “we as artists are in a constant state of transformation.”

Transformation was thoughtfully interpreted by 108 artists from throughout New England and across the US. Our juror, Brian Flinn, was presented with images reflecting both tranquil and rugged landscapes, scenes depicting spiritual encounters, works capturing seasonal change, and a sensitivity to the aging process. Deserved applause goes to our five award winners for their exceptional works and a huge thank you to all the participating artists and those of you whose work appears in this final show on our calendar for 2021. The Finer Line Gallery in Mystic, CT will display the award winners’ works until November 27.

As always, I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to support CAFA. Our own transformation has been a positive one and I am so looking forward to next year with a promising new lease on life and a calendar of exciting CAFA+ shows on the horizon.

Gabrielle Robinson



Transformation was envisioned as a part of our CAFA+ series by the CAFA Council at our annual gathering in August. Council member Bill Butcher proposed the theme and its enduring spirit. Gabrielle Robinson, our Director, skillfully organized the show and made it a reality. Then you, the participating artists, brought Transformation to life with your wonderful artistry. Thanks to all who responded to the call and submitted their works.

Here’s wishing you all the best as we close-out 2021. I’m looking forward to seeing you at our 2022 Annual Exhibition that will be held during the summer at the Sill House on the campus of the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts.

Robert K. Frink


RKFrink Signature.jpg


The desire to celebrate art in all its many forms makes it difficult to omit any works from the final choices of a proposed exhibit, but the ones which have made it into the final selections here represent a combination of evocative imagery, skill in visual language and interesting compositions that align with the theme of Transformation which guides the works in this show. The works represent an array of solutions to the theme, from the purely abstract to the photorealistic, and all conjure a sense of what Transformation can mean. The theme is broad in its use – there are transformations in every moment – yet specific to our times as well. Being aware of these changes in our lives, in our culture and in our relationships to everything around us is a way of acknowledging the constant in our existence, the transformation of us. These works recognize those changes, and the artists who’ve created them have brought to us an opportunity for strong reflection on the theme.

Brian Flinn​