Kate Faust

I paint to share my story. I paint to express my point of view. I paint to connect people from different places, different walks of life, with different stories to share.

I love the way color and brush strokes can evoke a feeling within myself and the viewers of my paintings. I strive to capture those moments when north light can illuminate the most mundane subjects, turning a glance of everyday life into something timeless. I paint to bring people together. I paint to celebrate and to mourn and to remember. I paint because I believe that one day, whether it be near or far, the stories I share matter. I paint so that my scars, like the scars on a ballerina’s foot and the wrinkles in my father’s boots, can remind others of their own and push them to take the steps necessary to heal. I paint because I have trouble finding the words to express myself and through the strokes of a brush and tubes of oils I can find the nouns and verbs and adjectives to express what matters to me most.

Lunch Break.jpg

Lunch Break | 24" x 30" | Oil on Linen

Faust Kate_The Day After the Recital.jpg
Hydrangea From the Garden (2).jpg

Hydrangea From the Garden | 18" x 22" | Oil on Linen


Waiting | 20" x 20" | Oil on Linen

The Day After the Recital | 20" x 30" | Oil on Linen



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