Lawrence Boblas

I am a NY City native who relocated around the U.S. a few times, currently living happily in Connecticut. When I was eleven, I became hooked on photography while experimenting with a Kodak 126 Instamatic camera. Soon afterwards I got a 35mm camera, set up a darkroom in my parents' boiler room and started printing in black and white. I always continued to take photos, now with a digital camera primarily.

I often start out looking at something that catches my imagination, not always because it's a beautiful object or scene, but perhaps it has a feeling of mystery or looks like there is a good story behind it.



Needles | 14" x 16" | Color Photography



The Conversation | 14" x 16" | Color Photography



Tulmeadow Farm Dusk | 14" x 16" | Color Photography


Subterranean Torso | 14" x 16" | Color Photography



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