If you are having issues with the form not allowing images to be submitted even though they are under the 100MB limit, please try using a different web browser (some artists have found that Google Chrome often has this problem when submitting).

If you are still unable to submit after trying to attach your images, please email us at ctacademy.cafa@outlook.com or call us at (860) 235-7681.

CAFA2020 Submissions

109th Exhibition

Submissions will be accepted from April 18 to June 18. Results will be announced on July 4 on our website, as well as through an email sent to all participating artists. For information concerning the artwork requirements, click on the "Prospectus" link above.


For information on Membership and becoming a member of CAFA, click here. 

Attached images must not exceed 100MB for submissions.

Please label your JPEG files for each piece submitted as FirstnameLastname_Title

(ex. JohnSmith_ArtworkTitle).

When submitting photos of your artwork, remember that these will be the images posted in our virtual exhibition if they are accepted. Submit them as you would like them to be viewed as if they were in a gallery (ie. high quality, unskewed, minimal shadows unless part of the aesthetic for the piece, true to real life, etc.). It is up to the artist to ensure that the images of their pieces faithfully represent their works.

Please do not include the frame of the artwork in your submitted images. All of the pieces in our virtual gallery will be displayed without a frame.


For artists submitting sculpture, if you find that you would like to submit additional images of your piece to show different perspectives, please use the "Optional Image" fields to submit up to two extra photos of your piece.

For payment, we are using PayPal through the entry form. You do not need a PayPal account to submit, simply enter your credit/debit card information if you do not have an account.

No checks or cash will be accepted for 2020 submissions.




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