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Renée S. Hughes

(860) 614-4677

Painting is an exercise in immediacy and an opportunity to approach the whole of my studio practice from a different perspective.

My work explores the spaces, shapes and lines formed by architecture, flora and landscape structures. My focus is on unity and diversity, reflecting on how the process resembles the human condition, the experience of taking risks, playing, persisting, and searching for balance in beauty and chaos.

It is in the process of exploration and discovery, the search for variation, contradiction and similarity in these juxtapositions that engage the viewers curiosity by creating cohesion between states of being, such as comfort, excitement, and tension; allowing the viewer to become an active participant in my work.

I begin the work by spontaneously using various tools and mediums to create a ground of uncertainty. I intuitively allow the marks and forms to guide my composition by adding and subtracting elements, resulting in shapes that speak and interact with each other. Diverse conversations between design principles and elements, compositionally ensuring areas for rest and breath. Color areas provide the space for the smaller details to speak or tell their own stories.

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