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Support CAFA

Since our inception over a hundred years ago, the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) has benefited from the generosity of its members and patrons who provide the financial resources needed to fulfill our mission;

  • Encourage artistic achievement and excellence in the arts

  • Recognize a diversity of style and medium

  • Provide a forum to advance the efforts of accomplished artists

Today, CAFA is one of a few non-profit organizations that is dedicated to supporting all fine art forms including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, graphics, fiber, ceramics, printmaking, and mixed media. Your support is vital to sustaining our ability to keep the flame of fine art alive and well in our extended community.

While we do everything we can to keep our costs down, your donations are needed to help us meet expenses related to hosting our Annual Exhibition in beautiful gallery spaces, offering free premium catalogs, employing highly skilled jurors, and showcasing member galleries on the CAFA website.

If you would like to support CAFA so that we may continue to give artists an outlet to express themselves and foster creativity around the world, please consider becoming a member of CAFA or feel free to make a donation in any amount.

We appreciate all that our art community has done for us over the years and hope that we will be able to reciprocate the support we have received for another 100 years.

William C. Butcher


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