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William C. Butcher


William C. Butcher is a graduate of the Drake University School of Fine Art where he earned BFA and MFA degrees in painting. He studied painting and drawing with internationally recognized artists Cornelis Ruhtenberg, Jules Kirschenbaum, and Gaylord Torrence. William went on to teach visual art including drawing, painting, sculpture and architecture at Suffield Academy in Suffield, CT where he chaired the Visual Art Department for nearly forty years. In his time at Suffield Academy, William oversaw the design and construction of new visual art studios and a sculpture workshop that doubled as a technical theater workshop. William also did extensive theatrical set design and construction and served as a technical director for school productions. As a prolific painter and sculptor, William has exhibited widely, received numerous awards and has art work in private collections in New York, Boston, Kansas City, Phoenix Arizona, Suffield and New Haven Connecticut, Cologne Germany, London England, Jamaica, Bermuda and Japan.

Bill Butcher
Gabrielle Robinson

Gabrielle Robinson


Over 30 years ago, Gab relocated to the US from Australia where she had commenced studies in Art and Interior Design. She worked at the Mystic Art Association in 1995 for 12 years as assistant to the Director and began raising two children during that time. She then spent 10 years hanging their exhibition schedule while discovering her niche in acrylic painting. As Director of CAFA since 2015, Gab finds herself fortunate enough to remain actively connected to artists from all over and engaged in what new and exciting projects they are currently involved in. An avid art lover, painter (Gabrielle Simmons), design enthusiast, gardener and explorer of the great outdoors, Gab enjoys visiting museums and art galleries, traveling, admiring architecture, and drawing inspiration from the simplest of things.

Gab Robinson

Marley Robinson


Marley is a recent graduate from Northeastern University in Boston, MA where she majored in Computer Science and now works as a software engineer. She is also an avid photographer, with a tendency towards black and whites and digitally modified works, and also spends time working on pen and ink drawings. Her combined interests in technology and art have allowed Marley to work on multiple artists’ portfolio websites, maintain and redesign the CAFA website, as well as help create the graphics for CAFA with her mum and CAFA Director, Gab Robinson.

Marley Robinson

Board Members

Rita Dawley 

Betty Hellerman

Leonard Hellerman

 Sean Kane 

Karin Forde Whittemore


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