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In 1910 the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts was established by a group of renowned Connecticut Artists who enjoyed a National reputation. Their goal was to promote the art of area members. They achieved this through the Annual Salon show, a juried exhibition which held high standards of artistic ability. Artists could gain membership by proving themselves in the jury process.


The Academy is still an active organization of artists members. We are a non-profit organization supported by the membership. All of the leadership positions and exhibition activities are performed by volunteers dedicated to the preservation of this organization and the values it represents. In keeping with our long standing tradition we hold yearly exhibitions which are open competitions. All artists are encouraged to enter their work.


Charles Noel Flagg

James Goodwin McManus

Daniel F. Wentworth

Henry C. White

Isaac H. Grant

Wm. H. Smith

Ralph Russell Seymour

Ruel Crompton Tuttle

Carl Ringius

Harold Green

Alfred J. Eaton

Carl J. Dietrich

Albertus E. Jones

Albert Entress

Aage Moll

George Keller

Thomas Brabazon

W. Sherman Potts

Robert B. Brandegee

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