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106th Annual Exhibition


Host Gallery

George G. King  Executive Director


Emilia Dubicki

Emilia Dubicki is a New Haven, Connecticut based artist, showing work nationally and internationally. Most recently, summer 2016, she had a show at the Fred Giampietro Gallery in New Haven. Predominantly an abstract painter, Emilia is also interested in representational work and working on paper with various mediums. She has received residencies from the I-Park Foundation, the Vermont Studio Center; and the Wurlitzer Foundation. Her paintings are in numerous private and corporate collections. 

Deborah Quinn-Munson

Deborah's work is in many private and corporate collections throughout the country. Deborah is an elected Signature Member of The Pastel Society of America, Connecticut Pastel Society and the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod. Other elected memberships include the Salmagundi Club in NYC, Copley Society of Art in Boston and the Providence Art Club. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of New Hampshire, a Master of Arts and Liberal Studies from Wesleyan University, and has studied at Lyme Art Academy of Fine Arts and deCordova Museum School.

Her work is known for its bold color, energetic line, and strong composition, which are primary to her as a painter to convey a powerful image filled with atmosphere and light. Deborah's involvement in art includes working as a commercial artist, potter, photographer, and teacher. Currently, she paints at Quinn-Munson Studio in Chester, Connecticut.






Barbara J. Alex
After the Storm
pastel (450)


Gail Armstrong
Fog Lifting
watercolor (800)




Del-Bourree Bach
Incoming Power
acrylic (8,500)


David Baillie
dry point (250)


Kasia Bakhshalizadeh
At the Casino
oil on canvas (2,500)


Harriet Moore Ballard
Summer Morning
acrylic (NFS)


Walter Baranowski
Cloistered Waters
oil on canvas (1,600)


Jillian Barber
clay sculpture (1,500)


Serena Bates
Shoo Fly
bronze (4,200)


Brenda L. Bechtel
Papyrus with Elephant Ears
oil on linen (NFS)


Roger Beers
Subway Strangers
oil (2,000)


Shelby J. Bonomo
Spring Study
graphite (820)


Shelby J. Bonomo
Spotted June Beetle
graphite (650)


Gilbert Boro
Diagonal Trefoil
polished aluminum (16,500)


Jody Brown
Café Dorrego
photography (250)


Ben Buglio
photography (150)


Deborah Burklund
Winter Walk
mixed (400)


Deborah Burklund
Victims of Circumstance
mixed (400)


Jill Abele Butcher
Inverted Table
acrylic on canvas (1,500)


William Butcher
Fossil in the Desert
acrylic (2,000)


William Butcher, III
The Truth Bleeds Through
digital photography (500)




Leon Chmielewski
Zion Trail
acrylic and ink (1,200)


Leon Chmielewski
Saratoga Trilogy
acrylic (1,300)


Kathy Conway
Departing New World, Ellis Island
archival inkjet print (200)


Cynthia Cooper
Prime (Illusion of Continuity)
acrylic on canvas (1,800)


P.L. Corbett
Hidden Creek
oil (400)


Tiffany B. Cunningham
Time to Play?
oil (NFS)


Cheryl Milton Cwiertniewicz
Three Oranges
watercolor (1,500)




Jean Dalton
Metropolis #3
acrylic on canvas (4,000)


Rita Dawley
Pink is the Answer
mixed (1,200)


Stephen Delaney
Morning Steam
photography (250)


Kathleen DeMeo
Arctic Myth
monotype (550)


Brian P. DeVantier
Room With Mirror
oil pastel on velum (1,500)


Peter Devine
Green Field
oil (10,000)


Carol Dunn
Bayside - P-Town
altered photo (175)




Mike Eagle
watercolor (2,000)


Bette Ellsworth
Two Dancers
mixed (650)




Faripour Forouhar
Spring on Farm
oil on linen (1,400)


Mary Felton
Playing the Ponies With Papa
charcoal (750)


Deborah Friedman
Angle of Repose
color pencil (4,000)


Lynn Frink
A Little Mischief at the Dance
oil (2,100)




Jack Garver
Egyptology 101
watercolor (3,500)


Elin Gaube
The Epilemnion 2
digital photography (300)


V. Michael Gill
Fugue in Steel
steel sheet and rods (NFS)


Libby Manchester Gilpatric
Peony Bud
oil on panel (400)


Libby Manchester Gilpatric
House on a Hill
oil on linen (1,275)


Barbara S. Groff
Marble on Marble
pastel (3,800)




Douglas Haddock
Palm n' Pine
mixed (3,700)


Douglas Haddock
metals (NFS)


Beverly Hammerman
The Art Student
watercolor (NFS)


Gloria Hanczar
graphite and watercolor (400)


Paul Hitchen
Little Cablecars
acrylic on canvas (2,500)


Paul Hitchen
Day Breaks on the Compound
acrylic on canvas (2,000)




Christine Ivers
End of an Era
pastel (2,600)




Paul Eric Johnson
Mobil Man - Boston Color Series
archival pigment print (975)


Paul Eric Johnson
Maria's - Boston Color Series
archival pigment print (975)




Deborah Kaczynski
Salute to Monet
oil on linen (2,500)


Charna Katzman
Eye of the Round
acrylic (1,200)


Charna Katzman
acrylic (600)


Chet Kempczynski
11/6/16 Provincetown III
watercolor and gouache (1,750)


Diane Kleinknecht
The Lens
mixed (500)


Diane Kleinknecht
The Widow
mixed (400)




Linda Lancz
Sun in Trees
photo montage (475)


Estelle Laschever
Calligraphy of Music
monotype (900)


Martha Lawlor
Beach Fence With Feather
photography (125)


Eva Leong
San Miguel
oil on canvas scroll (5,000)


Gigi Horr Liverant
pastel (3,000)


Sarah Stifler Lucas
Encounter at Clyde's
oil (4,000)


Sarah Stifler Lucas
Evening in Italy
oil (1,600)


Barbara Lussier
The Golden Hour
oil (2,900)


Barbara Lussier
Hurry Hill
oil (7,400)




Bob Madden
marble on granite (2,700)


Larry R. Mallory
Another Time
ink-dry brush (NFS)


Marco Marinelli
limestone (600)


Maggie McDonough
photography (500)


Maggie McDonough
Street Life
photography (400)


Michael McGuinn
After the Rain
oil on canvas (1,200)


Eileen McLarney Muldoon
photography (890)


Marilyn McShane Levine
Soul Reflection
photography (250)


Marilyn McShane Levine
Brothers and Salt Pond
photography (400)


Robert Meyers
Old Barn
oil (4,500)


Janvier Miller
Garden Shed
acrylic (4,100)


Gustaf Miller
Striped Façade
wood (4,400)


Jeanette Morse
Mystic River #3
acrylic (1,400)


Paul M. Murray
Iceland Basalt Beach
color photography (450)



Best of Show

Leon Chmielewski

Zion Trail


Second Place

Deborah Friedman

Angle of Repose


Third Place

Susan Shaw

River to Atlantis


Fourth Place

Mary Snowden



President's Award

Lenny Rumpler

The Tale of Two Bridges


Sculpture Award

Thomas Stavovy

Un Edificio


Painting Award

Paul Hitchen

Little Cablecars


Drawing Award

Larry Mallory

Another Time


Photography Award

Eileen McLarny Muldoon



Graphics Award

David Baillie



Pastel Award

Judy Perry



Mixed Media Award

Gustaf Miller

Striped Façade




Naomi Nevo Ben-Ari
Something is Going on Under My House
oil (NFS)




Raymond O'Connell
Easter Lily
oil (150)


Julie O'Connor
A Moment With the Big Wheel, Paris
photo on aluminum (500)


Nancy Oates
archival digital (400)




Joanne Paonne-Gill
glass (875)


Susan Parish
Hayfield - Feedstore
photography (100)


Howard Park
Farmington River
oil on linen (3,000)


Howard Park
Mystic Bridge
oil on canvas (800)


Judy Perry
pastel (650)


Rachel Petruccillo
Le Bon Marche
watercolor (450)


Judith Podell
Shedding My Skin
acrylic on canvas (NFS)




Shilo Ratner
Savoring the Moment
acrylic on canvas (3,800)


Elizabeth Rhoades
A Natural Celebration
soft pastel (1,200)


Scott Rhoades
acrylic on board (1,000)


R. Douglass Rice
oil on board (1,200)


Randy Richards
Palmer Cove Summer and Winter
photography (1,000)


Randy Richards
Spectacular Catch
photography and acrylic (1,200)


Marley Robinson
Digital Graffiti
digital photography (135)


O.A. Rolston
wood/iron (975)


O.A. Rolston
Circumambient II
wood/stone (975)


Gina Rubin
Sea Shell Garden
Porcelain (NFS)


Lenny Rumpler
The Tale of Two Bridges
photography (350)


Terry Russo
clay (500)




Nick Salerno
Shallow Water
acrylic (500)


Len Sawyer
South by Sou'west
oil (1,500)


Ann Scavone
Double Disc
clay (125)


Cheryl Seaver
Winter Lacrosse
oil (1,000)


Susan Shaw
oil (800)


Susan Shaw
River to Atlantis
watercolor (1,600)


Gabrielle Simmons
Lot B
mixed (900)


Dennis Sirrine
oil, gesso, and canvas (6,000)


Phyllis Small
fiber (2,600)


Catherine Whall Smith
Tying Up the Hay #9
fiber (450)


Mary Snowden
Fox on the Prowl
thread (4,000)


Mary Snowden
watercolor (2,000)


Diane Spira
The Race
oil on
canvas (3,800)

Thomas Stavovy
Un Edificio
plaster/burlap (500)


Wendy Stone
Radiator and Square
oil on canvas (300)




Amanda Dow Thompson
Political Hair
carved wood (4,500)


Matina Marki Tillman
Performance in an Ordinary Shirt (III)
solarplate etching (250)




Juliana Van Norden
Grace in Blue and Gold
oil on linen (NFS)




Karin Forde Whittemore
A Simple Task
photography (595)


Ann D. Williams
Summer's Tranquility
monotype print (550)


Agnes Wnuk
Afternoon Shadow
oil (1,000)




Rosalie S. Zetoff
Blue Hydrangea
collage (700)


Christopher Zhang
Studio Models
oil on canvas (30,000)

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