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108th Annual Exhibition


Host Gallery

Susan Fisher  Executive Director


Scott Bricher

Scott Bricher is a figurative oil painter. His lush paintings revel in the sensuality of observation and the exploration of subconscious themes with enigmatic narratives. As described by a recent curator: his "rich and bizarre" works emerge from his reverence for French 19th century realists, Venetian masters and Impressionist color and contemporary curiosity in CGI, music and pop culture.

Scott grew up in Columbus, Ohio painting, drawing and playing music. After graduating with honors from Parsons School of Design in 1984, he continued his studies at the Art Students League of New York. As a monitor of Nelson Shanks’ class at the League, Scott deepened his understanding of color. Throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s, he taught painting workshops with Shanks.

Through group instruction and painting demonstrations, he continues to teach students of all ages. He is currently developing paintings that are bold, cinematic and improvisational. Scott lives and works in South Kent, CT with his wife and schnauzers.

Paul Baylock

Paul Baylock is a Connecticut artist, art educator, and president of the Art League of New Britain.  He received a BFA and MFA in Art Education from Hartford Art School. He also studied at CCSU.  He has shown extensively around the state and New York, recently as the NEWNOW artist at the New Britain Museum of American Art. He has won awards in many exhibits, including the Silvermine Gallery in New Canaan and the West Hartford Art League’s CT plus Six Show, receiving Best in Show. Baylock taught art for 38 years for New Britain Public Schools, retiring in 2012.  He is now president of the Art League of New Britain.






Heidi Alamanda
Time Doesn't Exist Here
oil on linen (2,500)

Aspasia Anos

Tide Pool
mixed media monotype over archival inkjet print (2,800)

Ricardo Arango

Hope 2018

ceramic, glass, steel (2,200)

Asha Aravind

Sunset Graze

oil on wood (3,500)

Gail Armstrong

Quarry Reflections

watercolor (600)




Del-Bourree Bach
Gone Fishin'
acrylic (7,500)


Jillian Barber
ceramic sculpture (1,500)


Lisa Barthelson
Slinkys Cubed
found object assemblage (2,500)


Serena Bates
bronze (6,500)


Lois Beatty
monoprint (NFS)



Lois Beatty
Drawn and Quartered
monoprint (NFS)


Kelly Birkenruth
Venus Contemplating Her Adolescence
oil on canvas (7,500)


Kelly Birkenruth
Everyone's Favorite Game
oil on panel (2,500)


Marcia Blair
Chrisaora Quinquecirrha
photography (185)


Linda Boisvert-DeStefanis
Delayed Departure
oil (1,850)


Paige Bradley
bronze (18,000)


Nancy Breakstone
Splash in the Sand
photography (400)


Susan Patla Brereton
oil on canvas (NFS)


Alan Brush
Tricolor Heron
photography (50)


William C. Butcher, III
Silence Between Strangers
digital photography (500)


Jill Abele Butcher
The Black Chair
acrylic on canvas (4,000)

William Butcher

The Temptation

acrylic on canvas (5,000)




Diane Cadrain
Spirit Moving Over the Waters
fiber (1,200)


Susan Cannarella
Dog's Eye View I - Havana, Cuba
photography (425)


Milly Carlson
Before I Built a Wall
gouache and graphite (365)

Pam Carlson


acrylic (400)

Kathleen Caswell

Come Sit A Spell

photography (400)

Rosanne Cerbo

Clems and Roses

oil on linen (1,250)

Susan F. Chamberland

Are We There Yet?

mixed (800)

Maja Ciesielska


pencil/watercolor (500)

Katherine Clarkson

Andalucian Spring

watercolor (2,200)

Cynthia Cooper

Untitled Speak to Everything

acrylic on canvas (2,450)

Cheryl Milton Cwiertniewicz

Sonoma Harvest

transparent watercolor (1,250)




Rita Dawley
Having a Bad Day
mixed media (950)



Rita Dawley
Segment of Life
mixed media (1,000)


Stephen Delaney

The Old Mill
photography (300)


Douglas Deveny
mixed media (2,600)


Marion Dodd
Green House Purple
watercolor (575)


Gretchen Dugan
The Proverbial Bowl of
graphite (6,800)


Carol Dunn
monotype (195)


Erik Durant
Two Skulls
bronze (5,500)




Eileen Eder
Morning Glow
oil on linen (6,000)


Kimberly B. Edwards
Bike Shop After Hours
pastel (350)




Jessica Fallis
An Ocean Between the Waves
oil on canvas (2,100)


Avery Fazio
oil (NFS)


George Fellner
Foresights of a Paleo Artist
digital archival print (600)


Robert Fiedler
The Stare
photography (195)


Merrill S. French
oil on linen (8,400)

Deborah Friedman

Radiance and Light

colored pencil (NFS)




Rose Mary Gates
oil on canvas (600)


Laurie Gavitt
Dawn at Montauk
watercolor (1,500)


Ted Genard
Margarita Time
oil (750)


Doug Gillette
casein (5,000)


William G. Gilroy
Westerly Road and Watch Hill Road
charcoal pencil (800)


Jim Grabowski
Cathedral of Trees
acrylic (2,900)


Andrzej Grzybowski
acrylic (1,600)




S.M. Hall
digital photography (310)


Robin Halpren-Ruder
mixed media (1,200)


Amy Hannum
Exotic Birds of Prey: 96 Hour Flight

encaustic and fabric (6,000)

Leonard Hellerman
Draft Through A Shed

photography (285)

Paul Hitchen

Maui Whaler

acrylic on canvas (NFS)

Eric Hovermale

The Phoenix

photography/mixed media (2,500)

Sunil Howlader

Meditation in My Mind

acrylic (720)

Daniel Hseuh

Forbidden Lagoon

photography (199)

Renee Hughes

Discover the Next

monotype (250)

Renee Hughes

Honoring Space

monotype (250)




Melissa Imossi

Shining Bright

oil (1,750)

Karen Israel

Cafe Life

pastel (850)

Christine Ivers

Petal Pushers

pastel on board (NFS)




Ruth Jacobson

Jean Michele

acrylic (2,000)

Bonnie Jaffe


photography (275)

Joan Jardine
oil on cradled board (2,800)


Mimi Jigarjian

Pink Bromelaid

oil (595)

Kathy John

Peggy's Cove in Fog

mixed media/fabric (800)

Paul Eric Johnson
Red Truck
archival digital print (1,175)




Edward Kardys
Little Dory on the Sea
acrylic (350)


Dave Kendrick
photomontage (600)



Mike Kennedy
Bass Head Harbor Light, Maine
photography (450)



Esthea Kim
Cloud III
acrylic on canvas (1,400)

Esthea Kim

Screen I

thread, yarn, ribbon, metal, mesh, wood



Deborah Kotchen

Stonington Sunset
oil (950)




Estelle Laschever
Rhapsody in Yellow
oil and mixed media (850)

Marthan Laurinitis
Lily II
pastel (1,000)


Ariane Luckey
Christmas Cove, Monhegan
oil on panel (1,000)

Evani Lupinek


oil (1,000)

Michael Lynch

For Kate

watercolor (NFS)


Monumental I
Monumenta II


Best of Show

Douglas Deveny


Venus Contemplating Her Adolescence


Second Place

Kelly Birkenruth

Venus Contemplating Her Adolescence



Third Place

Ken Ward


Untitled Speak to Everything


Contemporary Award

Cynthia Cooper

Untitled Speak to Everything

Dead End


Painting Award

Mary Snowden

Dead End

The Bench


Drawing Award

Larry Mallory

The Bench

Ghost Ranch


Mixed Media Award

Donna Martin

Ghost Ranch

Two Skulls


Sculpture Award

Erik Durant

Two Skulls



Photography Award

Eileen McCarney Muldoon




Graphics Award

Lois Beatty


Jillian Mask-1304.jpg


Ceramics Award

Jillian Barber





David Madacsi

Janus Scream

found object assemblage (4,700)

James Magner

A-Misty Morning

oil (4,200)

Richard Malinsky

The Meeting Place

acrylic and cardboard collage (1,400)

Larry Mallory

The Bench

ink-dry brush (3,600)

Catherine Radix Mansell

Sharp Cliff

mixed media (750)

Catherine Radix Mansell

Chicago Vibe

mixed media (500)

Donna Martin

Ghost Ranch

mixed media/assemblage (NFS)

Donna Martin

Inner Conversation

mixed media/assemblage (NFS)

Michael McGuinn

Woman in a White Dress

oil on canvas (2,000)

Nancy Meagher

Emily Dickinson's House in Amethyst

oil on canvas (1,200)

Nancy Meagher

Big Pool with Blue Flag

oil on canvas (1,200)

Lori Mehta

Into the Blue

oil on cradled board (NFS)

Phyllis Meyer

Lady on Stairs

acrylic (300)

Eileen McCarney Muldoon


photography (750)

B. Murphy


mixed media (375)

B. Murphy

Postus #28

acrylic on paper (625)

Daniel Murray


cast bronze (8,500)

Paul M. Murray

Morning Trek to Water

photography (695)

Paul M. Murray


color photography (995)

Yelena Myshko

Sphere #2

performalist self portrait (460)




Tim Nighswander
Tulip #19
photography (1,800)


Lydia Norton
Da Dun
acrylic (800)

Peter Nuhn

Winter Bones

acrylic transfer on board (4,500)

Jesse Nusbaum

American Bear

100% hot cast bronze (6,000)




Dennis O'Brien

I Don't Get It

watercolor/pencil (500)

Ray O'Connell


oil (526)

Elizabeth O'Connor

Emu Fantasy

digital infrared photography (225)

Nancy Oates

Denied #MeToo

archival digital photography (NFS)

Linda J. Ouellette


photography (250)






Susan Parish

photography (200)

Julia Pavone
In Deep
oil/graphite/papers/nautical maps/found object (1,400)


Lon Pelton
Self Expression
antique metal sculpture (NFS)

Patrice Petricone


oil (800)

Patrice Petricone


charcoal and graphite (500)

Judith Podell

Coming Up for Air

acrylic on canvas (1,300)

Shany Porras

Transition I

acrylic on canvas (1,600)

Gregory Presley

Scaling Big Daddy

photography (400)




John Redick

Gail Force

acrylic (3,800)

Pamela Redick

Night in the City

acrylic (875)

Pamela Redick

Through the Veil of Memory

mixed media (2,400)

Scott Rhoades

My Grandfather's Glove

acrylic on board (NFS)

R. Douglass Rice
Writer and Merrill House Fellow Jordan Jacks Sitting in My Leather Chair
oil on canvas (4,500)


Randy Richards

Frozen Waves
photography (950)

Ann C. Rosebrooks
Ready for the Prom
acrylic on canvas (300

Judith Ross
City in Sunshine and Shadows

mixed media/fiber (NFS)

Allison Rusgrove
Striped Self Portrait
acrylic and fiber on canvas (NFS)

Terry Russo


clay (825)




Len Sawyer
Bakers' Cove Estuary
oil (1,200)


William Seekamp
oil (2,000)


Lois Segman
photography (200)


Peter Seltzer
pastel (3,200)


Elisha Sherman
Annunaki Gold Rush
mixed media (500)


Barbara Simonson
Red Parrot
watercolor (900)


Michele Sinkez
Winter Garden
acrylic (1,300)


Michele Sinkez
Far Flung
acrylic (1,000)


Phyllis Small
Irma Versus Flower Grid
fiber (NFS)


Mary Cottle Smeallie
Writer's Block
acrylic (1,200)



Mary Cottle Smeallie

Superficial Reflection

acrylic (1,100)

Catherine Whall Smith
Get Me Out of Here...Please!
hand stitched fiber/artist photos (575)



Bridget Snow

October 4 2018

oil on canvas (850)

Mary Snowden
Dead End
mixed media (1,500)


Barbara Solomon
Feminine Heights
linen, waxed linen (600)


Phoebe Sonder
Water II
oil on canvas (6,000)


Georgia Stathoulas


oil/canvas (2,000)


Thomas Stavovy
Zig Zag
plaster and aluminum rod (1,000)

Wendy Stone

Labor Day

photography (500)

Wendy Stone

Tree and Imagination

photography (500)

Sallie Strand

Sister Dance

acrylic on canvas (8,000)




Aaron Tessler
Untitled #2
polymer clay (800)


Regina Thomas
Scarlet Dreams
collage and mixed media (1,500)


Jeffrey Thompson

oil on canvas mounted on wood (800)

Michele Tragakiss
Bird Whisperer
acrylic/ink/oil sticks (3,000)


Peggy Traskos
Family Affair
pastel (450)




Juliana Van Norden
oil on linen (NFS)

Rachel Anne Van Wylen

Ammonoosuc Riverbank

oil on canvas (1,200)




Ken Ward


ink jet (750)

Ken Ward


ink jet (NFS)

Sarah Warda

Le Petit Roi

oil on linen (2,400)

Patricia Weise

Dishdrainer: Shotglasses

gouache (350)

Ingrid Wells

Put on a Happy Face

oil (1,200)

John H.P. Wheat

The Wave

oil on canvas (2,500)

Karin Forde Whittemore
Pal, Wind
archival digital infrared photography (750)



Karin Forde Whittemore
The Gentle One

solar plate print (325)

Agnes Wnuk
Sun and Surf
photography (150)


James Wolford
Pier Reflections
oil on linen (7,400)


Alan Wynne
PMr. Nibbles Loves PawPaws
bronze/stone (1,800)




Andrew Yelenak

Haddam Ice

watercolor (2,400)

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