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January 27 – March 2, 2024


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It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to the fourth CAFA+ Members show, marking the kickoff of our 2024 exhibition schedule. This virtual exhibition stands as a testament to the incredible talent within our community, showcasing the diverse artistic expressions of 135 CAFA members across all three levels: Supporting, Associate, and Elected.


The virtual format opens up exciting opportunities for us to connect with art enthusiasts and patrons globally. Navigating this digital realm together allows us to foster a deeper sense of connection and shared experiences, reaching a broader audience and enriching our artistic dialogue.


Heartfelt congratulations to our four award winners! Your exceptional work exemplifies the passion and dedication that define our community. Your unique perspectives serve as a source of inspiration for us all, encouraging us to explore and experiment within the boundaries of our own artistic styles.


I am thrilled to announce that our exhibition space for 2024 will be the Converse Gallery within the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich, CT. This beautifully renovated, light-filled gallery will provide a perfect backdrop for showcasing both large and small-scale works. Our show will be displayed from July 1 through August 9.


As always, a profound thank you to each member for your unwavering support and commitment to the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts. Here’s to another year of fostering creativity, nurturing talent, and embracing the endless possibilities that art brings to our lives.

Gabrielle Robinson

CAFA Director


The new year has been rung in by an exciting flurry of creativity and artistic endeavor with the CAFA+ Members show of 2024. Once again, our members have seized the opportunity to exhibit their art in a forum for creative artistic expression that has been ongoing for more than one hundred years. It is this legacy and this history that has continued to inspire Connecticut artists, young and old, to pursue the lofty and honorable mission to preserve, defend, and uphold the right for personal artistic expression in a public venue. There is no better way, in my view, than to begin a new year with a healthy dose of human artistry and personal expression.


Moving forward, we look to our annual CAFA exhibition in late spring and summer that will be hosted this year by the newly renovated Slater Memorial Museum. We hope to encourage all members and all artists at large to join us in this upcoming exhibition.

William C. Butcher


Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts



As we have come to expect over the many years the CAFA+ Members show has existed, there was again a strong response to this show that was met with high artistic quality and remarkable diversity. Once again, as jurors, we were excited by the high turnout and quality but were faced with the daunting task to isolate just a few of the entries for an award. As practicing artists ourselves, we are well aware of the personal and subjective nature of awarding some but not all of the artists who participate. In this judgment, we aspire to the great standards of human artistic accomplishment historically combined with the high standards of quality and artistic merit we set for ourselves. 


It is these standards that set the bar. In our view, all who have participated in this show are winners because of your sincere effort and commitment to artistic work. Congratulations to all and keep the creative spirit alive.

CAFA Council Members Jurying Committee

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