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Ariane Luckey

(860) 806-9725

Shapes, shadows, mood, light catch my eye as I pass through the beautiful pastoral countryside I am lucky enough to live in. The impressions of a moment in time stay with me, and become the kernel of an idea. A remembered landscape held in my heart and mind. What starts out as a reference to a specific place and moment in time is transformed by my process of abstraction.

Architecture in the landscape: emerging, obscured, merging with nature. My paintings are about a sense of place but not about creating an image to represent the place. They are an impression. Blurred, as if in motion. Passing by.

It usually starts with a quick charcoal thumbnail sketch, loose and legible (probably only to me).
If possible, I like to paint a preliminary study on location with a direct and spontaneous response to the moment. My color studies, on panel and recently, on paper, come next. I work quickly and often in series. Back in the studio, it is all about staying Ioose and holding onto the initial inspiration, losing edges (and then finding some of them again).

There is a leap of faith in obliterating details, simplifying, scrubbing away the paint. Listening to my heart and being in the moment.

Smith College, Northampton, MA
B.A., Studio Art 1979

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