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Brian Flinn

My work with visual imagery is generally engaged with exploring issues of paradox and the infinity of existing realities at any specific moment of time. I use fragments and debris from daily encounters in a variety of combinations to investigate ideas and concepts I struggle to resolve or investigate. Within these combinations rests the incursions and decisions of a certain segment of time.

I am fascinated with abstraction, yet my background in illustration consistently returns me to narrative. Much of my current work uses digital media as the the finished form. My process draws a great deal from my experience with painting and mixed media, and a penchant for surfaces that appear both flat and illusionistic. Textures, colors, shapes and whole images arrive from an array of happenstance and are brought into the work through both intuition and dedicated purpose. The digital process allows for extensive editing until the proper balance is found.

I earned a BFA from the University of Bridgeport and my MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I currently teach at Central Connecticut State University. In addition to multiple exhibitions throughout Connecticut including the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, University of Bridgeport’s Shelfhaudt Gallery, Canton’s Gallery On the Green, and the New Britain Museum of American Art, my work has been shown in galleries in New York, California and Oregon.

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