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Butch Wandy

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On a winter’s day in 1972 Butch Wandy found himself seated opposite Salvador Dali in the artists' suite at the St. Regis Hotel. The company he worked for was producing a unique Dali collage-lithograph and the conversation turned to an important color selection. At one point Wandy suggested a color that differed from the one that Dali had chosen. Dali immediately concurred. The surrealist master turned to his business manager, Captain Peter Moore and said, “He has the eye.” Dali's benediction has turned prophetic.

After many years of experimentation with lights and specialized lenses, he finally perfected a proprietary technique for producing an astounding variety of abstracted visual-photographic images. He calls the process “micro-prismatic imaging." The uniqueness of these images is accentuated by the fact that they consist of totally unretouched photos which are not PhotoShopped or computer-generated. Much of his work is a conscious attempt to combine elements of two distinct major art movements: Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. Color, light, shadow, dimensionality and texture are key components found in his photographs. American contemporary artist, Robert Rauschenberg, viewed some of the work and expressed how impressed he was with the technique. New York based German artist, Ernst Lurker, takes the praise a step further has proclaimed that Wandy's photographs constitute “a major breakthrough in the area of abstract photography."

Wandy was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut and graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1963. He Worked for the Marketing Director at Heublein Inc. He also served as Sales Manager at the Rowland Development Corporation.

Wandy served the country as an Army First Lieutenant in Vietnam before entering the business world.

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