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Dave Kendrick

I synthesize my photographs, using digital techniques to produce images that contain cubists’ elements, refracting time and space of a subject-in-hand. Utilizing photographic exposures of common scenes and objects, I work at filtering and adjusting full-frame overlays of associated images until joining them into a cohesive union. The resulting image is rarely preconceived and relies greatly on elements of chance and subconscious approval for support. In the end, the final montage for me is a lyrical meditation—an intuitive integration of color, form, subject, and mood, distilled from personal experience and emotion.

Having grown up in New Hampshire, I have lived primarily near Providence, RI, since attending RISD. I exhibit most of my work in Southern New England and have also been accepted in over 50 national and international juried competitions, having received awards and honorable mentions from the International Photography Awards and the Prix de la Photographie, Paris, among others.

The images of greenhouses shown here were selected from my series, Greenhouse Effect. Recent work includes a more abstract and surreal series titled eOpolis, which evokes dreamscapes of a dystopian world. (The website for kendrickphoto is currently being reconstructed.)

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