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Douglas Deveny

Creating art is a vital act for me.

My nonobjective, mixed-media paintings focus on implied texture. Although the surface is completely smooth, the abstract imagery reveals the beauty and nuance of patina, texture, and deterioration.

I see beauty in what others overlook.

I appreciate the complexity of simple things.

My sensitivity allows me an uninhibited perspective on aesthetics, using color and visual texture as my primary subjects. I’ve studied art and design through college and formal education, but my current process and technique has been borne through consistent experimentation, trial, and error. Although I add layers of materials to create my surface, I also remove just as much by use of abrasives and by chemically “deteriorating” the paint. This series of intuitive acts of accumulation and reduction pushes the materials to their extremes, creating unique patinas. The resulting painting is an escape from the outside world, and reflects a tension between control and fluidity.

I've attended the Art Institute of Atlanta, Savannah College of Art and Design, and Southern Connecticut State University.

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