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Gabrielle Simmons

Born 1965, Melbourne, Australia. Lives in Mystic, Connecticut.

Since childhood, the sense of art for me was born out of my immediate surroundings, circulating in a carefree world. An unending curiosity with delicate patterns in nature; the subtle colors in the Australian landscape fleeting past the car window; endless studies of the pool water swirling and lapping after diving in, and then diffusing immediately on the aggregate by the hottest sun. Catching the sharp shadows cast on buildings; entranced by the fine mechanisms within an unfolding flower, and exploring the derelict back alleys along the day-long journeys upon my bike have all been stored away for future reference. Shapes and forms, bold and muted colors laying side by side, texture, and mood, all evoke a state of wonder for me.

Hatching ideas and creating anything with my hands offers me complete satisfaction and thus an internal force to further learn and experiment. My eyes are forever on the lookout for something new and inspiring.

I began studying Interior Design in Australia before leaving for the US. I am a self-taught artist with the enhancement of several painting classes over the years. The visual arts, Brutalist architecture and Mid-Century design are some of my core interests.

Experimenting in oil paint and pastel over time has led me to explore acrylic painting which I would consider my favorite medium.

After working as Assistant to the Director at the Mystic Art Association for 12 years, I began installing their schedule of exhibitions for just over 10 years. I am currently enjoying my position of 5 years as Director of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts.

Having the close connection to the art world gives me the constant inspiration to dream and fulfill my urge to paint and create.

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