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George Fellner

George Fellner, photographer and architect, is committed to a dual life-path involving visual discovery and design, relating to both the natural and built environments. The focus of George’s work, Imaginary Realms, reveals an endless search for the abstractions of reality, involving the macro-photography of stones and crystals. Influenced by the 19th and 20th century art movements of Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism, he is engaged in an ongoing exploration of the imagination.

​The methodology for Imaginary Realms involves the visual exploration of stones and crystals, surveying the juxtaposition of colors, tonal variations, and textures. Messages from the Earth sciences, astronomy, history, mythology, and multi-cultures provide potential points of departure. In turn, this is manifested as the shutter-click of a captured photographic vision. The intent is to present abstract expressionist images that can invigorate the mind of the observer, evoking concepts and dreams that may traverse space, time, and dimension. The unifying theme explores the search for universal insights along with the notion of matter/energy/mind/spirit transformations. Ultimately, there is the offered propensity for stimulating the observer’s curiosity and imagination.

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