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Georgia Stathoulas

(860) 985-6154

I remember drawing as early as first grade. My canvases back then were my bags, my books, my notebooks, and most times the dirt on the ground. Growing up in Greece, however, I did not have the opportunity to study art in school and as a result, I did not discover my passion for painting until later in my life.

My favorite media is oils and even though I have tried most types of media, I ultimately prefer oils as I find them to be more forgiving. I work mostly from photographs that inspire me and reflect a small part of me and my background.

In my paintings, I strive to capture the simple moments in time and show the world around me as I see it. Part of my inspiration comes from the beautiful seascapes of my homeland Greece but most often children are the central focus of my work as I strive to capture their innocence and jeweled personalities with the strokes of my brush. My favorite models are my two granddaughters Isabella and Sofia and my goal when I paint is to create paintings depicting my feelings that I can share with the viewer.

Participating in art shows provides me the opportunity to meet and connect with other talented artists who share their knowledge with me. Painting is my refuge, my way to relax and it provides me with the opportunity to connect and to appreciate the colorful world around me.

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