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Gina Rubin

Gina Rubin is an award winning ceramic artist living along the New England shoreline in Waterford, CT. Gina’s sculptural and wheel thrown ceramics are strongly influenced by the coastline, as she is drawn to graceful fluid forms with movement found in abundance along the water’s edge.

The transformational relationship between water and sand in its’ natural element fascinates Gina. The rhythm and continual ebb and flow of the shoreline engages Gina’s creative process. Functional elegance inspires Gina’s ceramic art.

Gina currently exhibits her sculptural ceramics in museums and has exhibited her ceramics, printmaking, drawing and photography in local, as well as national galleries. Gina is an elected artist at Mystic Museum of Art, Mystic, CT and a Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts elected artist.

Artist Residency: Gina completed a two month Ceramic artist residency at Truro Center for the Arts, Truro, MA.

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