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James M. Mullen

James Mullen is Professor of Art and Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts, Emeritus at State University of New York College at Oneonta, NY. Professor Mullen taught courses in drawing, printmaking, painting, design, and art appreciation as well as Honors Courses. He was awarded the SUNY-wide distinction of The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. In 1989 his design was selected from a wide contest pool as the State University Oneonta Centennial Logo Design. Professor Mullen served several terms as Department Chair as well as serving as Coordinator of the 3-1 Articulated Program with The Fashion Institute of Technology. He also served as Director of the Fine Arts Gallery for over twenty years and was as well active in both the SUNY-wide Council of Arts Chair and SUNY-wide Gallery Directors Council. Mr Mullen has been active in local art endeavors. He served on the Board and as President of the Board of Directors of The Cooperstown Art Association for many years. He served also in the Upper Catskill Arts Board and briefly as President of the Board. He is a graduate of Penn State University. He has studied additionally with Fletcher Martin at the Roberson Center Binghamton, NY; with Norman Daly and Arnold Singer at Cornell University; with David Driesbach at northern Illinois University; at the Kalamzoo Art Center; with Thom O’Connor at he University of Albany and with John Sommers, Technical Director of Tamarind Printmaking Center (Workshop at Notre Dame University). Also, Mr Mullen served as Visiting Professor at Florida State university where he worked with the printmaker William Walmsley.

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