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Karin Forde Whittemore

Viewing life through the lens of a camera ignites a primal sensitivity and joy and a compelling purpose that connects me to our world. Although photography can be a means to an end, a documentation process for the photojournalist, in my world, it is a vehicle for artistic expression. My intent and desire is to capture a composition with emotion and its nuance of color, light, and texture.

My life as an artist and photographer began at age seven when I received a Polaroid camera for my birthday. Soon after, I acquired a Kodak Instamatic, and then moved on to conventional film with more sophisticated cameras and finally digital photography.
The camera is my chosen vehicle for artistic expression. Viewing life through the lens deepens my connection to the world, giving me great personal joy and deep satisfaction.
My intention when composing an image is to not only consider the relationship between subject matter, color, light and texture, but to achieve that rare moment in time that tells a story.
I have always been drawn to black and white photography, so it seemed a natural progression for me to pursue the art of infrared photography. My latest work has taken me down many unforeseen paths. Infrared is an intricate and sometimes unforgiving process and my fascination is influenced by the fusion of complex techniques, which often result in the unexpected and happy accident.
I invite viewers to take away that which resonates with them, offering them a perspective they may not have expected or considered. My hope is that the infrared aesthetic elicits an emotion that touches the soul in its mood and execution. 
When not traveling, I enjoy life in Mystic, CT at my home on the water where family and friends have come to expect to see me with camera in hand, looking for that next visual stimulus.

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