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Nancy Breakstone

(914) 261-0118

Nancy Breakstone is an American abstract photographer. Her work specialty is discovering abstract patterns in the concrete and objective. She is best known for “Art of the Ocean,” a continuing seven-year project capturing the sand patterns fleetingly cut by the Pacific into Costa Rica’s volcanic beaches. Less ephemerally, she has found and photographed abstractions inside Aero Saarinen’s TWA Hotel at JFK. Born in 1948, she picked up her first camera at age 13 and never left home without one. Her works are in private collections from New York and Greenwich CT to Los Angeles and Palm Springs; from Martha’s Vineyard to Maui; Washington DC to San Francisco; plus Rome and Sydney. In 2020 she exhibited in 40 regional and national shows organized by art galleries and associations from Connecticut, where she lives, to Hawaii.

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