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Patricia Corbett

(201) 803-3766

Patricia Corbett is an artist who has painted abroad as well as in the US. She is well-known for her unique interpretation of landscapes with a feeling of French impressionism mixed with the early 20th style of surrealism.

Ms. Corbett was born in Los Angeles the oldest of 13 where she also received her early education. Her childhood dream was to become an artist, but as fortune would have it she ended up traveling the world as an opera and concert singer. Her life came full circle in 2003 when she returned to art. She immersed herself in studying with well- known artists such as Sherrie McGraw, Ron Rencher, Kathy Anderson, Will McCarthy and Sandra Wakeen. She took classes at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris to include not only landscapes but figures drawing.

Artist's Statement:
I feel so lucky to have been a singer and an artist! In art and music there is a saying about “finding one’s own voice.” Singing helped me to understand what that really means. When we reach deep down into the depths of our very souls we are able to express who we are as artists. It’s about letting go so the magic can happen. In singing it’s about trusting the flow of the voice on the air. In art it’s about trusting the flow of the brush strokes onto the canvas.

There is so much about the world that is beautiful. As an artist I want to help reveal that beauty so that it can be appreciated through my art. This is what I want to do the rest of my life.

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