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Robert Scutt

(860) 420-8338

Robert Scutt is a 1985 graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, where he received his BS in Psychology. After working for two years at a local hospital, he went on to a thirteen-year career in banking before deciding to pursue his dream of becoming a full time artist. Self taught, he has explored various media over the years. He is an Elected Artist Member of the Mystic Arts Center in Mystic, CT. and an Associate Member of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts. His work can be seen at the Courtyard Gallery in Mystic, CT and Celebrations Gallery in Pomfret, CT. Robert is a resident of Eastford, CT, where he has made his home since 1996.

Each piece of wood contains its own story. The different grains, colors, placement of knots, species, and origins, all contribute to the final form of the sculpture. With each sculpture, my goal is to bring the piece to its fullest potential by showcasing its inherent beauty, while exerting my influence over the wood to achieve the desired form. My sculptures are mostly figurative works, though my intent is not to express realism, but rather allude to a certain idea while letting the viewer discover the forms within. Often people ask me how long a certain piece took to complete. I usually tell them: two pairs of gloves and more hours than you could imagine.

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