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Stephen Delaney

The primary body of my work has been produced in New England. I try to explore those areas that are rich in history, along the rivers and old rail lines of New England.

There have been a few consistent themes throughout my history of producing photographs. The first is my love of transportation, particularly railroads...the people, structures, motive power, and the historical context related to the development of our country. I am amazed at how many of the scenes that I have taken over the years no longer exist and are now only a memory. The second theme is the unusual scene that might easily be overlooked. In recent years, I have also been working more with landscape themes, particularly those with challenging lighting as part of the scene. The moods of the mountains and the surrounding landscapes are worth the patience of multiple visits. The resultant images are always worth the effort.

The evolution from film to digital has been quite dramatic. The scanning of film to a digital file can now produce a print that is even superior to one that I could produce in the darkroom. All of my early work was in black and white film. I developed and printed all my own work. The purist in me misses that area, but the creativity range offered through the digital process is truly exciting. I now work exclusively with the digital format and am continuing to work to digitize my film files. I take pride in limited editing of my files. I strive for a good image in the field, rather than a manipulated image on the computer.

Please take a moment to explore the link to my web site, where you will find recent work, a listing of recent juried exhibits, and a listing of honors/recognitions.

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