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Susan Chamberland

Ms. Chamberlands’ father told her as a young woman, “No one can see like you”. At the time she thought nothing of the comment. Chamberland has been taking photographs specializing in color studies inspired by a trip to Bermuda. The mystery of color and shape are her favorite subjects. Plagued in the olden days with velum and pencil, her work day was spent drafting buildings. Lines create buildings. These lines morphed into thick laminated paper strips of varying dimensions. Her relief paper sculptures were born by weaving lines of contrasting colored strips of paper woven into a paper substrate.

Chamberland earned a B.S. in Design and Resource Management from the University of Connecticut. She is the recipient of CAFA 2015 photography award. Her recent one woman show, “Art from the Ashes” highlighted 38 pieces created before and after her house was lost to fire. She has been an elected artist member of the Essex Art Association, Essex, CT for 22 years where she held the office of president. Chamberland has exhibited in shows in St. Thomas, USVI as a member of the Arts Council. She is a past adjunct professor of interior design at Paier College of Art, Hamden CT.

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