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112th Annual Exhibition


Tom Edwards

Edwards received a MFA from Yale University School of Fine Arts majoring in painting and printmaking. He was awarded the Elizabeth Canfield Hicks Honorary Award in Drawing. He received a MA from Kansas State University majoring in drawing and printmaking where he also received a bachelor of architecture degree.


Tom's work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibits at Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington, DC, Prince Street Gallery, New York, NY, Denise Bibro Fine Art, Inc. New York, NY, New Haven Arts Council: Gallery 195, New Haven, CT, New Haven Lawn Club, New Haven, CT, Gallery @ 85 Main, Centerbrook, CT, Naestved Roennebaeksholm Art & Culture Center, Naestved, Denmark, Canton Gallery on the Green, Canton, CT, and Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH.


His work is in numerous collections such as Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, Library of Congress, Washington DC, National Museum of American Art, Washington DC, Smithsonian Collection, Washington DC, The New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT, Baltimore Museum, Baltimore, MD and The Boston Printmakers Permanent Collection, Boston, MA.

John Favret

Professor Favret earned a BA from Bridgewater State College and an MFA from East Texas State University. He also attended Rhode Island School of Design and earned a Certificate in Computer Graphics.


While working as a graphic designer he began teaching in the computer graphics CE Program at RISD. In 1999 he accepted a full-time teaching position at Housatonic Community College, where he is currently the Art Program Coordinator. Professor Favret teaches a variety of graphic design and studio art courses.


Mr. Favret currently lives in Milford, Connecticut, where he has an art studio and continues to paint. He has exhibited in galleries in San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, New York, and New Haven. He also exhibits in national, regional, and local exhibitions.




Marguerite Alpert

anahata plant material: Japanese red pine needles and spiderwort calyx (420)

Madeleine Althoff
ceramic (160)

Elliot Appel 
Available Now
acrylic (1,800)

Louise Arnold
Tidal Pool
oil on canvas (2,445)



Del-Bourree Bach
Billboard Man
acrylic on panel (8,500)

James Baker
Still Life With Green Bottle
acrylic on paper mounted on board (1,500)

Teri Banas
New Found Land
acrylic (900)

Jillian Barber
ceramic sculpture (2,000)

Serena Bates
hydrostone (2,800)

Brenda L. Bechtel
VanVlecks Wisteria Courtyard - Counter Clockwise
charcoal & conté (2,800)

Dina V. Belyayeva
The Night Ride
acrylic (900)

Michael Benson
Rural Windows
photography (750)

Shirley Bernstein
Cloud Fan
reduction woodcut (450)

Kraig Binkowski
Early Morning Walk in the Snow
two-color woodcut on Japanese paper (450)

Dawn Bisharat
An Afternoon in Beirut
acrylic (3,400)

Johan Bjurman
Laundry Day
oil (2,200)

John A. Blair
State Beach
acrylic (1,250)

Jill Abele Butcher
Creatures of the Deep
acrylic on canvas (2,000)

William Butcher
The Two Figures
acrylic/foam board on canvas (3,500)



Helen Elizabeth Cantrell
The Wolf at the Door
oil on canvas (4,500)

Linda A. Casey
The Baskets Four
oil on linen (395)

Michael Centrella
Roof Top Reunion
oil on board (1,400)

Alfred Ciesluk
Along Zion's Walls
painterly photograph (275)

Sharon Coffin
Salt Marsh and Field #2
oil, cold wax, mixed media (500)

Rosemary Cotnoir
Phantasmagorical Floaters
acrylic (1,500)

John Craig
spray paint on paper (750)



Nathan Danieluk
The Mirror
mixed media (2,500)

Rita Dawley
The Gathering
mixed (1,500)



Eileen Eder
Brown Bowl
oil (1,600)

Jim Elting
Last Desert Light
photography (400)

Andrew Engel
Old Waterfront Hotel, Peck Slip, NY
oil (1,700)



Diane P. Farr
Summer Haze
oil on canvas (800)

Felicia Feldman
oil on panel (1,500)

Lucien Flotte
Rowing on a River
photography (300)

Melissa Gold Fournier
Will, 2023
charcoal on paper (800)

Lynn Frink
oil (4,000)



Christina Gajda
Hammonasset Marshland
digital (300)

Ted Genard
The Enchanted Amphora
oil and gold leaf on alumipanel (1,200)

Victoria Goro-Rapoport
Hatching Out
etching, digital components (500)

Nancy L. Greco
Girl Tribe
graphite on paper (NFS)



Terri Haas
Desert Sunset
oil (450)

Eddie Hall
acrylic on recycled window (1,350)

Arthur John Harris
Moon Light, Sea
etching aquatint relief (750)

Samantha Hayslett
The Distance of a Locked Door
oil (700)

Leonard P. Hellerman
A Stroll in the City 
photography (225)

Kate Henderson
oil (1,800)

Sunil Howlader
oil (3,800)



Christine D. Ivers
Contemplating Isabella
pastel (NFS)



Glen Kapostas
Iron Maze
photography (400)

Nathan Katz
The Lobster Baiter
acrylic (1,755)

Glenn A. Kessler
Don Giovanni's
oil on linen (NFS)

Anders (Andy) Benjamin Kimmel
Road in the Woods
oil (350)

Nadia Klionsky
Not Yet Spring
oil (8,500)

Joe Krawczyk
One Off
acrylic on canvas (1,250)

Henie Kurzman
Hello Harley
pastel (500)



Janet Leombruni
The Three Hares
acrylic (1,800)

Patti Lizotte
Blue Bottle II
oil (1,350)

Sarah Stifler Lucas
Check Please
oil (3,900)



Matthew K. Manthe
At the Library
pencil (1,900)

Judy Metcalfe
watercolor (2,900)

Lisa Miceli
Her Aquarium
oil on canvas (2,800)

Gustaf Miller
Structure Ukraine
acrylic (1,800)

Janvier Miller
Collage Table
acrylic on canvas (2,800)

Jill Miller
oil on wood (500)

B. Murphy
mixed media (725)

Gregory Murry
Fixer Upper
acrylic (1,250)



Scott Niemi
Untitled III
acrylic on canvas (1,150)



Darryl Z. Oates
Rebecca in the Green House
oil on linen (14,000)



Lee Palombo
Polar Express
photography (850)

Howard Park

Passing Showers
oil on panel (4,000)

Gregory F. Presley
Fisherman's Catch
color photograph (400)



John Redick
Lively Sea
acrylic (1,800)

Scott Rhoades
You Lookin' at Me?
acrylic (1,400)

R. Douglass Rice
Portraits of Friends in Isolation - Rachna Tewari
oil on canvas (1,000)

Olivia Ann Rolston
sculpture - wood, pink granite rock (1,000)

Janet Bogon Romanowski
Yours Is the Light
graphite (500)

Soteris Sam Roussi
How 'Bout Betty White
acrylic and dry pigment (2,560)

Richard Roy
Winter on Lincoln Way
oil on canvas (1,800)

Terry Russo
Meandering Vessel
clay (NFS)





Best of Show

Shawn Sullivan

Green and White Dinghies



Second Place

Patricia Schappler

The Guardian



Third Place

Soteris Sam Roussi

How 'Bout Betty White

GlennKessler_DonGiovannis 2.JPG


Painting Award

Glenn A. Kessler

Don Giovanni's



Drawing Award

William M. Simpson

The Donbas 2023



Photography Award

Lee Palombo

Polar Express



Sculpture Award

Serena Bates




Mixed Media Award

Phyllis Small

Box Cars



Graphics Award

Victoria Goro-Rapoport

Hatching Out



Ceramics Award

Jillian Barber




Honorable Mention

Madeleine Althoff




Wholesale Frame Company Honorable Mention

Tinatin Sanikidze

Playing the Old Song



BLICK Art Materials 

Honorable Mention

Cheryl M. Seaver

Material Girl #4


Tinatin Sanikidze
Playing the Old Song
pencil on paper (8,000)

Patricia Schappler
The Guardian
soft pastel (4,000)

Cheryl M. Seaver
Material Girl #4
acrylic & paper collage (350)

Peter Seltzer
Threads 4
pastel (5,900)

Anna D. Shaw
Along Angel's Landing Trail
photography (250)

William M. Simpson
The Donbas 2023
charcoal on paper (5,000)

Michele Sinkez
Far Flung
acrylic (1,300)

Phyllis Small
Box Cars
fiber (4,400)

Suzanne Starr
Lost Story
acrylic (450)

Kevin Stiles
The Black Rock Gang
colored pencil (700)

Wendy Stone
Dog Man
photography (600)

Shawn Sullivan
Green and White Dinghies
oil (1,200)



Andrea Tishman
linoprint on teabags mounted on wood (2,000)

Peggy Traskos
The Three Graces
pastel (495)


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