Marny Lawton

(860) 964-6188

It is through an artist’s prism that my oil and egg tempera art focus on the ecosystems of land and the resources we derive from it; exploring the microcosms of landscapes and still life. While not an activist, I try to depict our planet from a naturalist’s and painterly, not a romanticist’s perspective – looking for the beauty in the ordinary and the extraordinary in the often overlooked and trying to slow down life for the viewer.

Marny Lawton’s art training began at age nine with classes at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum culminating much later with a design degree from Paier College of Art in New Haven. She has studied with naturalist/artist Clare Walker Leslie, figurative artist Edward Eichel, Emmy award winning landscape painter David Dunlop, ARC Living Master Peter Fiore, and egg tempera master Koo Schadler.