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Tony Sullivan

(860) 391-4249

My primary focus is on conceptual and staged still life photography. I have studied photography both on my own and have attended many workshops. My current efforts are directed toward creating fine art prints. When I retired about 15 years ago from a long career as a CPA, I was able to devote my full attention to my life-long love of photography that started with developing and printing my own pictures as a teenager. Most of my free time now is spent on photography-related activities.

I use my “little people” to tell a story in a single image. I enjoy creating a storyboard for my ideas, setting a stage for my characters, and producing an imaginative scene that I am directing. It’s fun to juxtaposition the little people with food and other everyday items that we are all familiar with. My little people images have been referred to as whimsical, humorous, satirical, surreal, zany and even downright macabre.

Other photographers, artists, and illustrators who inspire and influence my work are Gregory Crewdson, Carl Warner, Norman Rockwell, Edward Hopper and Slinkachu. They all have a way of telling a story in a single image.

I continue on my quest to create images that reflect the everyday lives of the little people who live among us in a world that mirrors our own.

I'm a an Elected Artist Member of the Mystic Art Center, a member of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and the Arts Council of Greater New Haven.

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